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About Us

Marlo Industries, Inc., manufactures and distributes industrial grade solutions, compounds and concentrates for the cleaning industry. Marlo products are designed to provide safe, cost-effective solutions to complex maintenance tasks. The distinctive line of specially formulated products include strippers, degreasers, floor finishers, drain openers, drain cleaners, a graffiti remover, germicides, dish detergents, tile and grout cleaner, car wash, iodine stain remover, anti-microbial toilet bowl flush, unique air fresheners and a host of other fine line products.

Our Clients Include:

  • The White House
  • Bureau of Printing and Engraving
  • D.C. Power Plant
  • Amtrak
  • Contintental Airlines
  • Andrews Air Force Base
  • General Services Administration
  • Baltimore Housing Authority
  • Philadelphia Housing Authority
  • Giant Food Warehouse
  • Social Security Administration

The Marlo objective is to lead the industry in the manufacture and sale of safe, cost-effective products for cleaning. Our research and development team is constantly striving to develop new products and specialty compounds to meet the most challenging and ever changing cleaning needs in maintenance. Every product is designed, tested, and proven to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Marlo offers lifetime technical support for purchased products. Our In-Service Program instructs end users on the unique features, correct application, and proper maintenance of Marlo products to assure maximum labor and product efficiency.

The four factors that we believe in by priority are:

1. Safety

2. Performance

3. Service

4. Cost-Effectiveness